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Magdy ELShafee..-as far as I know-

Never lost inertia to launch comics as an art and a fine sort of literature in the Arabic speaking countries and the world.

Early 70`s a kid from Egypt in a closet illustrating copies of the pharaoh`s drawings .. an early obscure form of comics.

In the early 80`s : I can never forget how shocked was I when first saw the works of CRUMB . Then during my stay in Paris I was totally amazed by the historic totally liberal magazines: Charlie Mensuel and Hara Kiri. So I decided that what I got to do.

1990`s : Spent years as a "professional marketere in the pharmaceutical industry" ( DEFINITION: an evil Hippocrate that rushes to tell the secret of his intimate colleagues for his dummy non-cultured BOSS, in order to survive and gain more money. His job description: how clever he is in arousing a charming illusion to the public that drags more and more money from their pockets forgetting all about the right of every individual to get the RIGHT treatment..) WHICH I COULDN`T BEAR …

1999 : Yasmin –my daughter-comes to the earth.

2001 The Change
COMIC WORKSHOP EGYPT: an internationally organized gathering selected comics interested individuals in the AUC .. it was about developing a contemporary comic of our own..
Ended by a published comic book, and an exhibition in townhouse gallery.
Finally joined a company that is realistic with people and with its self

2003 : The first appearance of the series Yasmin & Amina in Alaa` Eddin weekly… its about two girls who join their father secretly on the board of a commercial ship.. discovered on the board but had to fish the cruise... thus having their adventures all over the world

عندما كنت صغيرا لم أحب الكلام كثيرا، و لكننى أحببت الصور جدا، و ظل هاجسا كبيرا عندى كيف أن الصورة أكثر تعبيرا عن الكلمات..
كنت اختلى بنفسى في بلاكار كبير للمخزونات اعتقدت انه كان عالمى الخاص كان فيه كتبا تزيبها نقوش الفراعنة آخذ فى محاكاتها باستمتاع شديد .....
احببت الكومكس منذ طفولتى " ميكى، سوبرمان و باتمان – كانتا مكافاتى الكبرى فى ذلك الوقت – و كانت مجلة "تان تان " علامة هائلة فى فهمى للكومكس و تناول التاريخ و العلوم و.. الحياة

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